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Fourth of July Scorpion Solitaire

Was that the crackling snap of the fireworks or the scorpion's tail this Fourth of July? Just like the annual Fourth of July fireworks, Fourth of July Scorpion Solitaire is an experience you don't want to miss. It is yet another solitaire rendition that will get your mental juices flowing when you play on the Fourth.

The goal of this puzzle game is to remove all cards from the tableau. Move cards to the other side of the board and place in descending order. You can only put Kings in slots that open up on the tableau. As in other solitaire games, the stock card on the right may be used to add cards. Enjoy the fireworks with Fourth of July Scorpion Solitaire!

Solitaire Scorpion Strategy

  • Stacked in descending order on both sides of the board.
  • Use the stock card if you run out of moves.
  • Eliminate all cards from the tableau to win this puzzle game.


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