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Yukon Fourth of July Solitaire

The Fourth of July just wouldn't be the same without food, family, friends, drinks, and card games. Now, whether you are celebrating with or without others, Yukon Solitaire will add a little something to your Fourth celebration. Yukon solitaire is related to Klondike solitaire, but there is no stock in this game.

Sort cards into the foundation slots by suit. Place them into the slots in ascending order. Use the stacked tableau cards to fill the foundation slots. In Yukon Solitaire, you can move the cards in groups. You will win once you have filled all the foundation slots. It is a puzzle game that is fun for the whole family!

Solitaire Yukon Strategy

  • Colors of cards in each stack are alternated.
  • Move cards in groups in the tableau.
  • Place the tableau cards in the four foundations based on suit.


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